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Sanders Loves Identity Politics... Just Not Age Based Ones

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All right, everyone, Bernie Sanders, loves identity. Politics, like he likes to harangue and say, like Trump, is racist, like bring up the race card. He likes to talk about sexism to an extent cuz he's male. You know white guilt and stuff like that. He likes wedge issues because he doesn't have anything else to run on, because if people really, if he wasn't distracting people away from his, you know tax plan, his fiscal plans, they would pick through them and they would realize that it meant they would pay. You know two or three times the tax rate they're paying right now in many cases, and they would reject him because it's a crazy idea, his his his plans could not be implemented and probably would not, even if a democratic supermajority controlled the House and Senate, I Hazard a guess that they would water down every proposal Sanders has made, except maybe his gun control proposal, because it's actually fairly mild compared to some of the other losers up on stage whenever they're having a debate. Most Sanders loves identity, politics, orange man, racist orange man, homophobic somehow, even though he spreads gay rights around the world, it's very strange and mysterious, but there's one identity, politics, one wedge issue: he doesn't like that's ageism, that's because Bernie Sanders is pushing 80 and so he's He'S having to answer questions about his age, who's asked by her form. Basically, I think about a reporter. Well, what would you say about people who say you're too old for the job because you're the oldest person in the race you're? You know what five years older than Trump think two or three years older than Biden you'd, be the oldest president by a long mile. Isn'T that a problem potentially and Sanders like well, it's not about your age, it's about your ideology and what you stand for. That'S funny because you have no idea, no problem with other wedge issues, just the one that you run afoul of within the democratic core, and it is true. This is the one that actually makes sense to worry about. Look whether a person is black or white. Doesn'T fundamentally have anything to do necessarily with their ideology or their ability to govern whether a person is male or female does not potentially affect their ability to govern. It is about the individual, but the individual, having grown more agen does affect their potential ability to govern. When you get to the point where you are pushing 80, you are at any given time simply statistically at a much higher risk than someone who's twenty years younger of randomly having a stroke, leaving us with whatever running mate he chooses is the vice-president potentially, if that Happens: heart attack? Suddenly your heart stops in your sleep or something like that or you have you end up with cancer and you have to go what happens if the president, the United States, gets massive cancer, has to go into chemo or something and can't really do their job. You'D have an act of the vice president would be the Acting President for that period of time, while they're incapacitated they could fucking die of it years could go out. It could be like Woodrow Wilson there who had a stroke and his wife was probably a signing off on things, for you know basically the last half of his presidency. I think it was Wilson, if I remember correctly. Oh, she won't let anyone see him. This signature looks a lot different, there's nothing mysterious here. Dude legislation pushed during that period may not even technically speaking, be legal terrible to think of that the weird illegal situation, but nobody wants to look into it's kind of a debt issue a long time ago. You'Ve got a situation where some of these candidates simply are very old. Last election Trump sitting, there he's pushing 70 and Hillary Clinton was almost exactly the same age. I think she was like what six months younger or older or something I think she was slightly older, but it's basically the same age and it was a question that people are asking. Well the two candidates they're, you know they're both seventy they'd be the oldest president. Upon taking office, older than Reagan was when he started his first term. I think I think, wasn't he 68 or something, and there were questions about his age, then to that guy. Well, you know he's getting to be an old man. You know, maybe Republicans should choose someone who's me. I don't know under 65 or something like not technically part of the elderly population, and it's like you know just because someone's old doesn't mean they can't govern, but it becomes increasingly less likely at any given time as the years go by that they'll still be with It that they won't be demented or have some other health complication. That'S simply the way it works now Sanders in 2016. Did he show any symptoms of dementia beyond being a socialist? No did he show any significant health issues? No, I mean he energetic campaign. He spoke well, he seemed to do alright, he's energetic. You know what you see. It was more closely in Trump's class of energy. The clintons class clinton looked like she was Haggard that, by the way, is a problem. Now, though, in 2020 s, election Sanders up on stage during the first debate is not the same, energetic driven fiery Bernie Sanders of 2016. He has gotten older. He is a not as energetic that is simply the truth. You can compare goods fucking, compare it look at speeches he made four or five years ago and look at how he performed at the debates. There is a market difference now I don't think he's demented again beyond being far left and being out to lunch when it comes to economic and social issues, I don't think he's got Alzheimer's. I don't think that he's likely to stroke out and like in the next six months or something, but if he's elected on election day he's pushing 80 by the time he'd be seeking re-election. Potentially he would be in his mid 80s. I am sorry, but I don't think it is appropriate to have a president, that is that old. I simply don't think it's appropriate not unless we develop a bunch of new miracle cures and now the average personnel is to be 150 and is perfectly fine. Okay, that's fine, then the 80 year old is middle-aged. That'S alright! He'S not fucking middle-aged anymore right now, medicine hasn't progressed that far health at the average lifespan has been slowly falling now for a few years, mainly because of fucking obesity and shit like that people sit on the couch and do nothing except type on their phones all Day they don't eat right, eat more kale, say the Liberals. I mean you can only eat so much fucking, kale, dude, kale chips, kale, smoothies, kale, south seriously; ok, cruciferous vegetable, really wonderful, yeah, pretty tasty, but get over yourselves eat something else for it. You have a have a fucking beer. So I'll probably do you good? Have a nice steak, you vegan Sanders. He loves identity politics, but just don't ask him about his age. You can ask him about the race issue and asking about sexism. Oh it's a big problem. These presidents are sexist, he's a racist, he hates gay people he's a hyper religious bigot. He'S a xenophobe. Horrible person. Ask him about all those things he has a million things to say doesn't mind, but don't ask him about all these? Oh, it doesn't matter, doesn't matter how old you are it only matters? What'S in your heart, it's one of those hippie trippy fucking messages. Look he's a career politician. Pushing 80. We'Ve already asked this fundamental sad question: everyone gets older, you know it's something that happens like I'm in my 30s. Now I'm not just barely becoming an adult. Now I'm moving on closer to middle-age. I understand that by the way I'm fine with it who fucking cares. I can't wait to meet Satan, so it's okay Sanders is old. It'S okay to admit the fact that he's old, his core fans want don't want to. Let go of their illusion. Of him is invulnerable. The fact that he's having to go to like multiple rallies a day could literally kill him during the campaign. If you nominate Sanders, you have to be. Please keep this in mind. Just as Democrats, he partisan Bernie Sanders core fan. Whatever you are, you have to be willing to admit to the possibility he drops dead on a debate stage or something, and whoever he's chosen as a running mate has to take up the race. You'Ve got to be willing to understand that now. If he makes a mistake, let's say he does get nominate and he pulls a John McCain and nominate someone for running mate. That is completely and uniquely unqualified. Like Sarah Palin was, he will lose 100 % fucking chance that he loses Trump could moon the stage he could get up on stage, pull his pants down and fart into the microphone, and he would still win the election because at least pence he looks mildly present. He looks sort of like a smarter version of George Bush, a smarter and a more actually religious version of George w. That'S basically what he resembles to me. I wouldn't like him as president. I didn't even like when he was chosen his running mate. I wanted Rand Paul to be his running mate, Rand, Paul or Flynn, or someone someone that's more qualified as well and maybe more personable Pence's okay, I guess he's just too moralistic, but the thing is I mean the Trump could drop dead at any time and he Scarfs down the fucking McDonald's, let's face it, you know when you're burning, probably 3,000 calories a day, walking around just up on stage. I guess it's! It'S! Okay! If you have more fast food, but the thing is like Bernie Sanders is so much older. Some people say all ages and you're discriminating. No, no, no! No! I'M pointing out that if I'm gon na pay taxpayer money for someone to represent this country in an executive capacity, I want them to be healthy. I think that's an appropriate question answer to ask. I think the fact that he's still in good health yeah - that's great. It'S wonderful! You know you approaching 80. You'Ve never had any major health problems. I think, as far as I know, in his entire life, that's great in good health, wonderful, but it doesn't matter because good health for someone pushing 80 is totally different from even average health or a kind of substandard health. For someone who's, 50 or 60, which one would you rather be, would you rather be a relatively healthy, 80 year old or a slightly unhealthy 40 year old? There'S a big difference between the performance of the two trust me, so you know come on it's it's perfectly appropriate to ask him about his age and it is kind of, in my opinion, a disqualifying factor. The same is true of Biden. He'S fucking too old. He'S four years older than Trump Sanders is six years older than Trump Trump already is the oldest president. That'S ever held office Clinton. If she'd won would have been the oldest prior. It was Reagan. There were questions about his health in his second term. Towards the end, he showed signs of early onset dementia. He showed signs for the last two years of his presidency, of a mental slowness that was beginning to take a toll on him. Several years after they admitted Jana has got Alzheimer's he's. Having trouble with his memory. Have you ever seen Ronald Reagan's last public appearance and how poorly spoken he was at that he wasn't the Gipper anymore and see is sort of gone behind his eyes. There wasn't really much left. I don't want to see a US presidents to come that by the way, the Democrats are you fucking nuts. You want to have Sanders in there and guarantees a one-term er he's not gon na seek re-election once he's like what 83 years old he'd be. Fuckin AE be 82 and he started to campaign. That'S not gon na fly. People are not gon na vote for someone who's Jew who's in an octogenarian into that position. A second time, he'd be a one-term and he wouldn't be physically capable of it. The Republicans, by the way would love the situation. They'D nominate some random, far-right fifty-year-old and run rings around him and be perfectly fine me an interesting time. Indeed, the Democrats are nuts if they nominate Bernie Sanders. He'D have to be fuckin insane by the way. Warren'S no spring chicken she's what 70 she's a same age as Trump. It'S funny. The top three candidates are the oldest candidates in the field. I think that's about all P cell


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