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An Armistice in the US-China Trade War

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All right, everyone, Trump and G - I guess - had a good enough meeting at the G, whatever it is now summit and and they've agreed to have an armistice on the us-china trade war, because the new tariffs that would have taken effect - I mean at some point it Would negatively impact the US economy like right now? It'S slowed growth slightly, but we're still churning ahead. China really has gotten the fuzzy end of the lollipop for sure on the issue, but that doesn't mean that Trump wants to go further unless he has to because it's a shitty idea. It'S a crazy idea getting into an all-out trade war with China, like beyond the tariffs that we are already slapping each other with during negotiations, would be horrible for the entire world's economy. If you're, not careful, you can trigger a Great Depression and even though we would come out as victorious what's there to be victorious over a downturned economy, Trump gets kicked out. The Democrats come in they're, terrible at solving economic issues. You saw Obama prolonged the Great Recession. Fdr prolonged the Great Depression, it always seems like we end, we end up getting big spenders and high tax errs in in the wake of an economic problem. That'S invariably caused by regulation but blamed on the free market that doesn't even exist in the components that are spoken of a socialist or or in Obama's case. Just a generic leftist comes in and prolongs the problem, while haranguing about how things are now different and then somebody comes in and restores American hope and confidence, and then we have a brief period of reprieve before we go through the next boom-and-bust cycle caused by big Government, what we need to do is get government out of as much as possible. We need to constrain it far far more more. We need more constitutional protection. We need to extend it as much as possible. We need to lower taxes as much as possible, repeal as many regulations as possible and get as many good government bureaucrats out of the job as possible. The problem is like I know like like when I make a youtube video considering the number of people to watch me. Some of you are government workers. How this probably politician is watching that I hate to say it, but I want most of you to be unemployed temporarily and have to join the private marketplace. If your jobs important it'll spring up in the private marketplace and to tell the truth most government workers, they make a decent amount of money, and you should have some savings like I'm, not trying to be like I'll fuck. You I'm not trying to be an asshole about it. It'S just that the economy at large would grow more robust you'd get a better job, probably down the road anyway, especially since most government jobs they require specific training, you're, not a dumbass, so don't worry about it too much little inconvenience now for a long-term gain. You can see. Regulation is more like short-term gain, long-term pain, you're like oh. We regulated this thing, and now workers have more protections. Oh, oh, the economy down turned all fuck-ups. Now it was the private market. Place'S fault: it's good to see that the G can be reasonable, because Trump had already extended sort of the olive branch and said you know, let's restart negotiations and it was stalled. There were no negotiations ongoing as frozen now, all of a sudden they're on going again, I guess basically Trump just had to say: okay, the next layer of tariffs, we're not going to apply we're gon na repeal the last layer of tariffs and China repealed theirs temporarily. I think that's good, because you know collectively the US and China are the largest economies in the world combined dwarf. You know, however, many countries that come after a significant proportion of all the world's economic capabilities. We have two of the most powerful militaries we have. Some of the greatest force projection the u.s. specifically naval II, China's increasing their capabilities, at least within the region branching out throughout the Indian Ocean, especially it would be a bad idea if we were openly hostile towards one another and fucking both Trump, and she understand this. It'S not like they're clueless about it and Trump, I think, is uniquely qualified to wage this kind of negotiation. Can you imagine Obama trying to negotiate an entire 100 percent trade overhaul with the Chinese? Can you imagine if Obama had tried that the bush, if he the Bush, had tried it? It would have been funny because he would have been bumbling and he would have done that thing. Like the first visit to China there, where he tried, I think, to push the door and he had to pull it or something, and he looked dumbfounded and the Chinese thought that was hilarious. I mean he just came off as as disarming, even though he's really cold calculated full blooded psychopathic mass murderer, but you know he played the part of a dumbass. Well, Bush did Clinton yeah. Maybe he could have negotiated things in China, but I mean back. Then there was more hostility back then the US government actually bothered to criticize the nation of China. The last few administration's did that relatively less. You heard relatively little outcry about human rights about you know: child slavery, the sex trade in China, currency manipulation, hacking and cyber terrorism, which is what it is that China conducts the the the what is it the great cannon of China? The idea that China can instantly weaponize its whole Internet to knock out companies in the US if it wants, like literally just send a massive surge of data that just fucking fries their servers. China does all of these things and nobody wanted to talk about it. Like Hillary Clinton is pressed on it, she doesn't want about when, when the Democrats are asked, what's the greatest threat, only a couple of them said China. Well, a couple of them said Iran and, I think the rest all said in Russia or I think one person sarcastically remarking. It was Trump, but I mean that's the mentality of the left. Today they don't understand, it can't see the forest for the trees. In many cases, they I mean they're, looking at all of these boogie men all around them, that they've concocted in their minds China sitting there openly, manipulating its currency and waging a trade war against us. That was sparked in part by the fact that they've been abusing us incrementally on trade for now decades and decades Trump tries to solve the problem. They'Re all rooting against him. We'Ve got a Democratic Party that by and large, is rooting for China to win a tariff war against the United States because they don't want to give Trump credit for doing what Trump is best at negotiating he's the negotiator in chief he's a money president he's not A war president in virtually all aspects of foreign policy when Trump needs to use force, he hasn't dropped bombs. He doesn't say I'm gon na send troops in or press the little red button. He says I'm gon na tear a few. I'M gon na. Take your money. I'M going to abuse you the same way: you're abusing us and the u.s. is in a unique position, virtually all the countries that we do business with it's lopsided in trade. That is, we've never tariff them. We don't embargo them. We don't intervene in things, but they do they manipulate currency or they enact a tariff or protectionism in some way they block some u.s. good. So we can just say I will do exactly what you've been do to us. Oh my god! Now you can't do that here here. Well, we'll give you some relief now it doesn't solve the problem completely, but if you solve 20 or 30 percent of the problem across the board with just the major trading partners were with Canada and Mexico, that's on the table. Congress has to ratify the u.s. MCA. They need to fucking. Do that and stop dragging their heels. Hehe got German automotive. That'S so that's a big thing and now he's going for the jugular for China. If he does that, he will have solved a significant amount of our of our trade imbalance, of our lack of productivity in heavy industry and a million other things he'll have finally solved. These problems he's trying to also go for the holy grail of immigration and negotiations between Israel, Palestine and the two Koreas he's. Obviously a big thinker he's got two successes under his belt. He'S got one more under way and then he's got a couple that are on hold at the moment. Did the Chinese trade deal until literally yesterday, and then you know Israel, Palestine? I wouldn't expect he can solve that. The world's foremost issue. The fact that these two minuscule nations in the Middle East that happened to control a lot of regional trade and travel, don't like each other, the people they're constantly fire rockets and bombs and shit at each other. Rather sad I mean it's like you know, firing off missiles out in the desert, not the most productive thing. You could be doing with your life, but I don't know I guess it's become a pastime of sorts. It'S like here. The pastime is shit posting on the internet in in some countries the pastime is drinking or soccer hooliganism or something there it's making rockets. I guess firing them off so here on the 4th of July when the Rockets, so it must be weird to be in a country where, when you hear explosions and stuff it's not fireworks or someone shooting, you know what a gopher or something in their garden. I hear gunshots and then fireworks and shit all the time here and I just ignore it, because it's like it's natural, can you imagine, though, you're like Israel or or on the crew, the Korean border. You start hearing explosions, you probably Duck and Cover that's about all peace. Oh


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