Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Endless Madness of the Far Left as they Punch for Peace

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All right, everyone as funny seeing Portland's mayor, try to cover up his own incompetence last night on Twitter. Talking about old violence will not be tolerated. Will investigate bring those responsible to to justice and stephon's? Like know you all know, you want the police. There probably would like to but the city the city government itself prevents them from doing so. It'S quite clear. Look you get a situation where Italy, where, like you know, you've, got actual journalists, we're not talking my far-right extremist. You'Ve you've got a a gay Asian journalist. Getting brain bleed after getting beaten over the head by an Tefo members and you're, acting like it's an even-steven situation like the false the falseness with which the entire thing was presented, insofar as the legacy media even bother talking about events was basically a bunch of Nazis, Showed up - and these other guys attacked the Nazis, so you know it's kind of okay. Well, we condemn violence, but they were Nazis, so they kind of deserved it. Meanwhile, most of the people being attacked again, as with all instances of an toughie doing anything were bystanders and journalists, people who were just there to either record what was going on or who were just sort of standing around milling around looking at what was going on. This happened is well in charlottesville when people when Soros and the Koch brothers grandstand on that issue and say well, we've got to stop extremism and violence. We got a sense of the online world because my extremism, most of those actually getting attacked, were not even part of the initial rally that caused the problem. In the first place, there were an overwhelming number of regular old liberal protesters in a fucking college, kids and ship that were the ones actually getting tear gassed and actually getting bike locked. These were not. These were not Spencer marchers and they were antiphon members. They were just there, they were protesting against hate or they were just recording and watching and in the nature of today's world. Because of the nature of the internet, a lot of times, people go out with their fucking, iPhones and they'll go to a protest or a rally or whatever and they'll record things. In some cases, these people are like you know the cop block or something like that. They'Re trying to make sure is no police brutality or whatever, and maybe that's why the Portland, the City, Council and mayor decided to pull the police back. Oh, my god, don't cause any incidents because the hippies will come and trash the streets with their marijuana scent and their love, beads and bullshit and they'll stage a meditation in, and I won't be able to get to work to get sucked off by my secretary tomorrow. That'S probably his fucking mentality, he should be thrown out of office. They should recall him immediately for causing the problem by not seeking the police on an tava, which is a recognized terrorist group in certain parts of the United States and in the world at large. It'S kind of obvious who annsofi is since they show up in masks and with communist symbols, and things like that. Why don't you get involved when they get violent now, if they just want to stand there beating bats on trash cans and yelling slogans and saying people or Nazis, because they have a manga hat on it's free speech, they can do what they fucking want, but I Mean once they start throwing rocks and punches it's different. Then you've got idiots some of the enablers of left-wing violence within the legacy media like a Becca Lewis or a Jared Holt. You know basically exonerating them of these things well and as a god of fascism is violence. No, it's not it's an ideology. A person could be fascist, never punch in a single person. Likewise, a person could be like a standard liberal and go completely crazy, but antov arts standard liberals. I wonder how many of these people understand you, you make a decent living, you have you know your salary or whatever you have you're making median income, maybe twice the meeting chemist selling your oh you're doing alright, you know you're not eating under an overpass ant. If it believes you should be killed, or at the very least that you should be working on a collective farm, you do realize that these are communists, correct it because of what anarchists know: you're communists, you're, also extremely violent and ignorant people usually. But you know they want to say well, fascists are gon na cause problems, they're gon na cause violence. They want to do violent things, so I know how to stop them. We'Ll do violent things in the here and now, but the thing is most of the time. There'S no fascists there for them to fight most of the time. It'S like some fucking manga hat rally. Now, if you think that that's a form of fascism, I don't know what to tell you these people, they, even even the no Nats for the most part, they're arguing against censorship and violence, and things like that, I'm not getting the vibe from them that they're. You know gon na go full stormtrooper mode, but I get that from some of the antiphon embers they seem to act in that manner. It'S funny people make jokes about an to the super soldiers and stuff and to see them getting enabled by people who would you know if they went to? I don't see Louis at the anti-fur alley. I think she would get her skull bashed into his bushwa, capitalist, scum or a sellout, or something like that. Oh yeah, yeah and you're judged by the way by the company you keep when you could take to Twitter to defend violence and say well. This journalist deserved it because reasons like there were some people and then most of them deleted the tweets because then they realized. You know this wasn't the case. They'Re like oh look at these far-right extremist, snowflakes ha ha ha look. It was like something about a pigeon put some joke about a pigeon pooping on the backpack and it was like milkshake remnants, and then there were people concerned that they were gon na. Do like acid attacks or put cement powder in the in the milkshakes which didn't happen, but it is a risk. I mean you've had situation. You know you look at Andy getting beaten over the head until he has a you know, brain bleed or you look at that dude who got by clocked in the head or you look at that. The older dude, who got completely attacked by an two foot this at the the Portland events here, the worst thing is that once Antipas starts mobbing, a person they'll continue attacking, even when the person is fleeing like it's like they're cowards. They prefer to hit you when your back is turned. If you stand up to them, there have been multiple instances where they show up and they actually they get charged by the other people and they they scatter completely, because they don't want a head-on confrontation because their whole ideas, they don't want to be unmasked. They don't want somebody to pull their masks on off, take a picture of their face, and some of these people that got violent a couple of them didn't even have masks on it's like you know, if you're going to show up and do terroristic stuff, why aren't You at least making an attempt to hide your identity. I guess, though, it's evolution in action, because the dumbest members will get picked off and put in federal prison and it'd be a good day for America when they are by the way. I actually just very largely with the designation of antha. Is a terrorist movement? Declare him a gang is basically what they are. I know they're politically motivated. I know they tried to cause fear in the local population most of the time when they throw like molotovs and shit they're, throwing them through local black owned businesses, windows or something like that when they show up all the other. Legitimate protesters should just leave just leave ant if I alone to just stand there and pound their chests like a bunch of baboons, because that's what they often resemble, and it's really funny because I'll say like bash the fash like the fascist they want to like harm. Like Jews and blacks, and it if you look at the crowd of an to foe they're, almost universally a bunch of like white college trust fund, kids with their tactical gear that they got off of the internet, it's very very funny. Here'S the thing, though, the best thing you can do with these groups number one is mock them. They need to be mocked. Number two pressure needs to be put on these deep blue cities to actually allow the police to do their job. If people want to get together protests and counter protest, shout I don't care if they're sitting there antagonizing each other openly, that is all allowed it's protected under the First Amendment. They can protest, they can speak, including not nicely towards one another who fucking gives a shit once they start throwing bottles of their piss at the police or start throwing rocks or hitting people over the head with food sticks or something that's when the police should move In and they should mass arrest all of the end, tufa members that are then part of a mob unmask them, let their identity be known and then put them in a jail cell by the way, it's funny watching them to call for the daxing of ice agents. As well, it's funny because they're being goaded on by the New York Times of all groups, glowing praise for such actions by groups like the New York Times and CNN. It'S very interesting! Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Maybe somebody should attempt to unmask these individuals and create a database or something like that seems to be a common tactic, and today you know it's like with with my name being out there. So at this point on the internet, if you're on the Internet at all or if you're in public at all protesting doing your civic thing, if someone's gon na realize who you are - and it's not a whole lot that you can do about it, it's like he Owns a bunch of bullshit, it's very very funny, though, to see people on the like this so-called center-left. Try to appease groups, I can to fun they're like well haha, now they're trying to bash the fast good thing, I'm not a fascist. They say right before the ball. Bat hits them in the nose because they I mean they're, not targeting. The whole idea is not to target manat C's or my fascists, because they're not really extant. Most of these rallies and protests where they show up there. They have nothing to do with that; they would be a bunch of democratic college. Kids showing up anta will show up to start shit. That'S because they exist specifically to cause violence, that the political stuff is a veneer that they use to hide their violent tendencies. That is they're just a violent street gang. Essentially that exists to absorb Soros money and then go out and have fun burning things up and breaking through shop windows and looting things. There they're a bunch of thugs, a bunch of criminals. They use politics as a veil to excuse their behavior to as a propaganda method to try to get people to not like you know, try to run them down in the streets and unmask them to stop their fun and stuff like that. They'Ve got the part of local population, doesn't have a problem with them, because they've convinced them that if you stand against them, that you must be a fascist, enable or something it's an excellent propaganda program. Really all it boils down to, though, is groups of again trust, fund college, kids, largely things, but basically what they are anytime, they any time they get unmasked who who actually isn't it's? It'S not some, some actual impoverished community. Well, it's not some! You know Birkenstock wearing hippie, who got you know, mark sized or something like that. No, it's some some trust-fund kid. It'S some dentists, child and something from you know the the lily-white suburbs. That'S what aunt awfully is comprised of which makes sense, because these people don't understand the nature of communism, because they've never lived in a communist country and they've never experienced what it's like to be poor by the large. Most of these people haven't just a bunch of goofballs causing violence so yeah, maybe I mean steps should be taken by law enforcement, but if they're being hamstrung by their city -- and is the case in Portland the police, there should speak out. Why aren't we hearing more from the police, so the police should take to YouTube or Twitter or something be like yeah? You know we were pulled back by our illustrious mayor yeah. We would have liked to have saved people the trouble of being beaten on but yeah. We weren't allowed to, he told us to stay back ten yards because otherwise we might get attacked and that would cost more to the city's pension program or something that's basically what it's about. It'S follow the money, that's about all peace out.


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